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Who do we think we are?

We are a small group of Scots, who care about our country, its history and politics and a number of other areas of mutual interest. We are arrogant enough to believe that other people, beyond the drunken haze of the local bar, may also be interested in what we have to say. In that generous, gregarious spirit, we have chosen to pay for this domain and will post away to our hearts' content until we are all dead. If draconian laws prevent it in future, we will move to other servers until it stops being possible. If that happens, none of it will matter anymore.

We choose to remain anonymous for obvious reasons; the world being full of trolls and other morons for one thing; their cowardly, well documented, typical behaviour and the potential effects on those we care about being reason enough. We choose to remain uncontactable to avoid using potentially hackable scripts, for now. We are not known for exceptional politeness or for having an overwhelming command of the social mores. We don't pretend to be refugees from dimplomacy school either, so don't pretend to be offended, having been warned, of anything your delicate sensibilities can't handle. If you are a parent not controlling what your kids do online, shame on you and don't trouble us with your problems. We are not selling anything and don't care if you never come back. If you disagree with anything we say, get your own site and post your feelings there.

If we still haven't frightened you away, have a wander around the site using the menu above at your leisure. It will expand as time and wind pass.

Who do you think you are?

Ask yourself why you are here reading our blog before you feel a sudden rush of indignation. You chose to come here and you chose to read what is here and you are entirely in charge of how you react. If you are not, you need help. Alternatively, if you find your self emotionally stimulated in any way as a result of your visit here, it may just be that IngrateBriton qualifies as art and our work here is done. Feel free to nominate us for a Turner Prize in the pile of bricks or tyres category.

Contacting the Ingrates

Seriously? But, if you must, send an email to webmaster at ingrate briton (all one word) dot org It will be read.

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