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ingratebriton - archive 2008 - beliefs

Point of view (2008)

Here a few beliefs and principles, by which I fail miserably to lead my life, and which may be applied to the maintenance of the content of this site (and which I reserve the right to change). These are not given in any particular order and are likely to be amended frequently, in my head if not in the public domain. Your beliefs are your own affair and are not worth squat if you can’t handle mine or anybody else’s.

This is not an attempt to preach or change your beliefs. If you are not interested in the opinions and beliefs of others, GO AWAY NOW!

There is a genderless God, who is everything and beyond naming, and who created all time, space and dimensions and everything in them and is the only beginning and the only end. All of creation begins and ends with a perfect precision, with which no entity can interfere (perhaps not even God if He is viewed as the Cause). Many ancient belief systems add a layer to the Divine plane, which they call ‘The Son’ or in the ancient eastern Mediteranian area - ‘Christ’. God created this layer or interface through which all other creation became possible, and which serves to separate the physical from the Divine. At the moment I understand the Divine plane as being layered with the ‘core’ of God or the Cause at the centre, a surrounding Soul mass and the ‘Christ’ layer, with which our souls interface. I believe in the existence of this ‘Christ’ layer as described in the unedited Biblical Epistles (which are themselves borrowing from well established and similar belief systems prevalent at the time, and are of dubious authorship), but do not accept the second century derivations and contrivances found in the Gospels. These attribute these Divine ‘Christ’ qualities to a human being, who may well have been a Yeshua Bin Nazareth (or Bin Maryam) who lead a following of the type described in the Gospels but my sense of the Divine in my own heart finds no comfort in the belief that he was God, or that he ever preached that he believed he was God. Human Love resonates faintly with the nature of God’s being who requires that I believe in God and know that God has a purpose, and that I wilfully acknowledge this to God through prayer, meditation or worship (whatever name I give Him) under whichever belief system I follow. Hell is a man-made fantasy designed to scare children and child like adults.

I now believe that Jesus (as we now call him) did exist and served a divinely created purpose of living a ’sinless’ life in order to provide an example to us all, through which we can escape the chains of repeated mortality. His human soul may have had a spiritual connection with the ‘Christ’ layer described above so that he was enveloped in his power. During his life time it would, therefore, have been possible for the souls of those that met him to interface with God here on earth, creating the impression that the human Jesus was divine.

God has not limited by design my consciousness’s ability to perceive inter-dimensional awareness beyond space-time. I have been brainwashed and let down by the inadequacies of education, science, culture, religiously inspired fear and training to ignore the complexities of non-physical existence, which we are all capable of sensing to some degree or other. Some philosophical systems, religious practices, and natural gifts have always been able to enhance or re-stimulate these God-given abilities. Belief systems that condemn any natural ability or practice as evil or ‘occult’ are only exposing their own insecurities, and are defying the will of God.

A united soul-mass surrounds God on the Divine plane, which varies in intensity and purpose and spreads across the protective ‘Christ’ plane also known as ‘The Son’. Fragments of the soul-mass are born like children of God through this interface, with which they maintain a link, into Humans and other beings, some with more directly Divine purposes and strengths than others. I do not posses a soul until the moment of birth. I believe it is possible to function as a Human without a soul but the process of separation would most likely kill most people anyway. My soul, which never dies and is not my consciousness, is a fragment of the soul-mass with a unique purpose (as all have) to guide me to a perfectly designed destiny. My soul has a closer connection to God than my consciousness could ever understand.

The destinies of some souls are to lead, teach and guide the rest of us. The souls of Jesus of Nazareth and all other religious founders or figureheads had the single purpose of beginning a process, which will by design lead eventually (after much pain and division) to a future for Humanity better than its past. The history of the translation and selection of Biblical texts (and despite claims to the contrary, the ‘Holy’ writings of other religions), and the politics of the early Christian factions (and the other Mediterranean philosophies that influenced them), has left a legacy of academic division and bitter denominational point scoring. Psychologists can demonstrate the process of acquiring faith, and how an indistinguishable duplication of all the feelings and certainties any believer of any faith can feel can be acquired through hypnosis and other habit forming techniques. They can explain how any of us can believe anything and feel the truth of it in our hearts. All of this means that given the confusion of the biblical texts as an example, not one belief system can be as sure of itself as it appears to be, particularly as most of us come to form our beliefs at an impressionable age, or a time of great emotional need.

 I believe it is likely that it matters, and is planned by God, that one third of the world’s population would come to believe to some degree or other that Jesus of Nazareth existed and was crucified to save our souls (over and above the simple true message of his example). The carnage, political chaos and power struggle that has come in the wake of this story is itself the purpose and the road to salvation, not of our eternal souls but of the future of the species. Our global community will soon realise that only by uniting in tolerance and understanding will we survive. There must be greater tests ahead than those posed by philosophical, intellectual, academic and emotionally led religious bickering and rigid thinking.

We are all born with a natural ability to follow the guidance of our souls, which always follow God’s purpose, and which most of us usually ignore. We are each by Divine gift and purpose free on the Human physical plane to choose to follow our soul’s guidance or not.

God has deliberately designed creation so that it can never be fully understood on any physical level. Seeing it all would lead to complete madness or a massive physical/mental transformation, or even death, and is probably impossible anyway

God’s purpose can never be prevented but God’s will in carrying it out can be defied, which may alter the detail of how the purpose is achieved. The mystery of the nature of God’s purpose/mind/being is not mine to judge within the bounds of any Human concepts of good or evil or the limitations of Human knowledge.

No actions taken by Humans on this planet or by other creatures on any planet, in any galaxy, in any universe, in any dimension will affect God’s ultimate purpose. Good and evil are Human and religious concepts as are supernatural beings capable of challenging the power of God, such as Satan.

I realise that the beliefs described here are heavily influenced by my own upbringing in a predominantly ‘Christian’ culture and by all that I have read, discovered and experienced within that culture. I also accept that my deviation from the modern Christian ethos is likely to be meeting a psychological need, and that I am re-inventing the wheel. Most of the beliefs I have expressed here were also followed by early pre-church Christian groups along side those who followed (and wrote) the Gospels. Those whose beliefs were nearer to mine lost out in the power struggles of the first emerging church when the wealthy Italian princes who favoured the currently selected Gospel began to dominate. This does not alter the strength of my beliefs or faith that God allows all belief systems because we are too young in our evolutionary development to cope with the whole truth. God has allowed myths to become a way of worshiping him because we are no more than very young children to Him. No one can truly be at peace with their beliefs about anything while filled with doubt about anything else. Knowing God’s intentions and requirements for me requires only that I know myself. When I am happy with me I can be confident that my beliefs are fine with God.

I firmly believe it is wrong to indoctrinate children in any belief system. Before the age of eight a child has not yet fully developed a personality and is extremely vulnerable. An older child will understand that they have a choice (not least a God given one) and so can be relied upon to be freely making a judgement based on their (limited) experiences. I think all religious/philosophical organisations should be controlled to prevent psychological harm that may be caused by early indoctrination. That does not mean that they should be prevented from going to religious gatherings but education systems should ensure that they learn the whole ‘truth’ from an objective perspective, and that in churches and other gatherings they are not preached to.

Morality and principles of right and wrong change over time so can never be absolute guides to acceptable behaviour. Messages of guidance from Divinely influenced sources are as likely to be intended in historical and local context as anything else. I believe it is wrong to assume that we are always intended to follow ancient texts, whose reliability and accuracy (without exception) is questionable anyway. God is bound to be communicating even now and only massive self-interest prevents these messages being heard and recorded now.

Divine judgement is beyond Human conceptualisation and understanding. God is unlikely to be intending our destruction beyond our natural extinction for purposes of retribution or any other reason because we cannot affect His purpose so why would He? God is the perfect cause of a perfect Universe and has built all of His creation on a framework of love from an infinite creative source. Such a God is not petty or vengeful. These are attributes transferred from the minds of bitter and frightened humans to their weak primitive understanding of the nature of divinity, which they subsequently wrote down. Damnation will most likely involve the condemnation of my soul to eternal physical self-awareness on a limited consciousness level. In other words reincarnation to more of the same.

The need for a belief in personal consciousness resurrection is caused entirely by a fear of physical death. We are unable to accept our mortality because we liken ourselves to gods. The massive power of our high level of self-consciousness and free will leads us to the mistaken belief that we are superior to other creatures and masters of our own destinies.

 Fear is the powerful ‘Overlord’ of animal emotional makeup. Without it we would be defenceless but with it we are often paralysed because we don’t understand it. There are only three other true emotions: joy, sadness and anger. These are equally damaging in deficit or excess. All other so called emotions are combinations of these and subtle intellectual constructs. Love is a function of Divine presence and is not an emotion but can stimulate any combination of the four emotions. A pale imitation of love can be constructed from a combination of emotions, desire and obsession, and can be very damaging when mixed up with envy, jealousy and an unbalanced need for control or any sense of possession in relationships. Joy or happiness is the natural default state we would all find ourselves in if we could manage our fear and deal quickly with anything that causes sadness and anger. There is no need to DO anything else to be happy, and nobody and nothing else external to us can ever make us happy.

I trust that recorded ancient wisdom and that the source of my own understanding informed by my Divinely guided soul, is right not to desire to harm other Humans, creatures, beings or life-forms and their ecologies physically or mentally. I doubt that even in self-defence or to eat, I am not already being called to account for not living to the full and allowing everything else to live to the full. For each change I make there will be an effect somewhere in space-time, which I will experience so that I will always have to answer for my own actions in the here and now or elsewhere.

No Human (or other creature) knows or understands the full consequences of all interactions on all planes, so can never claim absolute certainty. Absolute certainty can only ever be born of ignorance, madness or direct Divine intervention. Direct Divine intervention will burn in the receiver’s heart and will leave no doubt whatsoever in its wake wherever it goes. Those who have witnessed it or been touched by it will know it for sure. No faith will be required but witnesses are few and far between and probably ridiculed or silenced in some other way to preserve the status-quo.

My soul is always being called to account for my actions and inactions, and will account for the total of those actions before God or ‘The Son’ (as described above) and the united soul-mass and no other, at the level of Divine purpose when I die. My soul will reunite with the soul-mass at some level when I die and will most likely be re-born into another being at another time and place. All souls return to the bosom of God ultimately perhaps after achieving perfection on the physical plane or after being cleansed on passing through ‘The Son’ layer. That is not to say that my consciousness in any sense will survive. I feel no need to believe that the self is preserved in any way or that God has any intention of restoring it in the future.

I am a mere Human and as such would not dare to presume to come close to knowing the mind of God, but I trust that all that occurs within the limited scope of Human awareness is part of God’s purpose, even when I take individual actions in defiance of warnings from my soul. This is also true at group, community, state and world levels.

Most religions like all human institutions are corrupt and worship only their own histories, which are self-interested and self-justifying. Some have gathered together more ancient and modern wisdom than others, and more by accident than design, are as good as any other for serving God’s purpose as part of a community. Most such church communities function successfully as emotional comfort zones and crutches as any well organised and well meaning group would. I believe God is present in all such communities, whether or not they are founded on religious principles. No religious or philosophical belief system has understood enough about its founder’s motives or ancient roots to justly claims to be the only or best path to God. All religions and belief systems borrow heavily from the histories of pre-existing systems and evolve according to the prevailing political and economic power climates. Religion serves humans, not God.

Continually overcoming the fear of healthy and natural doubt is a far stronger position than always acting on a weaker, unquestioning certainty or faith based symbolism, and then having to pick up the pieces afterwards for generations.

Borders (physical and mental) are the first Human crime, profit (monetary, material and emotional) is the second Human crime and apathy is the crime that binds them.

Democracy is a system of control, which allows the super-rich to control the masses and to remain free to be super-rich. In no other way does democracy equate to freedom. Anarchy is usually presented as the only alternative to civilisation but that is only because history is written by the descendants of those who have benefited from the control structures inherent in civilisations. A system of global cooperation between groups, individuals and communities could be devised that requires no single power entities to control it. Agreements could be reached across all boundaries on how to administer all processes of cooperation and how to deal with breakdowns without any need to concentrate wealth or power.

We are trained to worship at the altar of economic growth because this allows the super-rich to increase their wealth. There are no other benefits to economic growth. A proper distribution of wealth and, more importantly, power would achieve lasting and sustainable benefit for all. All systems conceived of to date to achieve this have only resulted in an unfair distribution of power. Such a system will inevitably be devised, which will be Humanity’s true salvation. History is written entirely by the descendants of power struggle beneficiaries and should never be relied upon for future guidance, except perhaps as a warning.

Laziness, lethargy and apathy are inevitable by-products of western democratic cultures and are qualities encouraged by the controlling forces of wealth to maintain the balance of power. The power of marketing and other psychological manipulation is used in all media to control the quality and accuracy of information delivery so that enough of a majority can always be relied upon to maintain the status-quo in the false belief that their decisions are taken freely.

 Slavery is known to be alive and well in its most degrading sense but it is also mimicked in the serfdom and wage-slavery of the ‘developed’ world. The forces of commercialism prevent true freedom from our slave masters who limit our lives for their own benefit. Even those of us who are not employed as such are still dependant on more powerful individuals and groups to maintain a roof over our heads, to eat or to have any semblance of dignity.

Legal systems throughout the world are designed entirely for the benefit of law makers. Never trust a politician or law maker, without exception. This is true of the whole justice and law enforcement system in any nation on Earth. Change is anathema to all power mongers and justice systems are used to prevent change.

Terrorism is not war and is never God’s will, because it always derives from the minds of mere people who cannot know God’s will, and all war is terrorism. It is always an act of cowardice carried out by states, individuals and groups who cannot muster the strength of will to accommodate concepts of tolerance, understanding and co-operation, and whose principal motivation will always be to acquire, possess or control something or somebody. Revenge is an excuse for lack of self-control and has no Divine justification, ever. I believe that there is no excuse for any state supported violence against its own or any other people such as capital punishment or ‘hard labour’ or any form of corporal punishment. I do believe in self-defence but not as an act of aggression.

Future historians and archaeologists will view the whole of our present history from the Stone Age to now and beyond as the tool/war age (if humanity ever evolves beyond it). I don’t take anything I do or any of Humanity’s achievements too seriously.

There are no accidents, only causes and effects, and there is no luck. Perceived good fortune is in the gift of the Divine.

Fashion is the religion of weak-willed cowards and the uniform of tribal drones. I do my own thing and don’t worry in the long-term about the judgements of the shallow-minded.

Most of the beliefs/principles and opinions expressed here relate to spiritual matters, which most people tuck away in a religion slot. As is clear from everything here, I cannot claim to have a religion (except perhaps something similar to early Arian Christianity) and would prefer not to. But I do believe in God and wonder (a lot) about the nature of belief itself. I believe what I believe, modern Christians (in all their glorious Technicolor denominational variation) believe what they do and Muslims believe…..etc, etc. The question I find myself asking all the time is this: ‘If I feel God’s presence and love in me and a Christian feels Jesus’ or God’s love and a Muslim feels Allah’s love, are we all feeling the same thing?’ Bearing in mind all that I say on this page, my answer at the moment must be ‘Yes’, because how can my sense of that presence be any different from anybody else’s and I surely have no right to judge the strength of others’ feelings?

I cannot be inside somebody else’s head or heart so I have to trust that God allows us each to experience him uniquely. I can only conclude, as I have said before, that God is God and the names and attributes we give him are culturally layered onto our experience of him. So if we first become conscious of his presence in a Christian community we will experience Him as Jesus, although my understanding of the Divine Christ entity (also described on this page) may mean that it is this we all feel rather than God directly but still, I firmly believe that we are allowed by Him to name Him according to the influences around us. I suspect this is true no matter how many aspects we attribute to Him/Her/It so that so called Pagans with many Gods are still experiencing the same One God when they feel the presence of each named deity.

When he presents Himself to us in all His other facets as experienced and recorded throughout history in religious books (I express opinions about these on this page), he does so in a form compatible with the belief context we first associate with him. That is not to say that this cannot change. I believe God wants us to express a belief in him and that He allows us to change the religious context we place Him in if the community context this brings us to also brings us closer to Him, but the new closeness cannot be directly a function of the belief system we change to but instead becomes a new expression of the new closeness to Him that seeking a new religion was already an expression of.

The religious communities and contexts we often find ourselves in can heavily influence and affect our experience of God. The immediate dominating personalities at local church, synagogue, temple and mosque level, as well as the community mind sets and denominational imperatives, are likely to affect us psychologically and change our personal relationship with God. If we are unhappy with that in one context, it is likely that in almost any other our relationship with God will change. This means it is easy to understand how it is possible to switch religions and yet have a consistent and improving (or deteriorating) experience of God inside ourselves, as well as how the name we give Him can change without Him changing.

All of this is just another way of saying that I believe we are all born equal and we all die equal. No one or nothing can claim my God given soul other than God and only God has any need for it. God has given us a potentially beautiful and amazing life and most of us spend most of it worrying about what happens when we die. I’m sure God only ‘worries’ about what happens while we live.

The ratio of my existence to eternity (infinity) is zero. Therefore I don’t exist.

Many thinkers and philosophers have been attributed, if they actually existed, with concluding that they could only be certain of their own thoughts. Everything else outside their imagined bodies could be a construction of their own mind. The power of thought is almost boundless so it is possible that I am writing this for mine and God’s benefit only. Recently scientists and philosophers have proposed a future machine so powerful it could construct a virtual world so real that we have no way of knowing now whether or not we are part of that machine’s programme. None of these musings are likely to alter the conduct of my life.

Modern medical science is no more than tinkering and butchery and may even be speeding the demise of the human race. It will be millennia before medicine evolves out of the age of maggots, leeches and carving. Even a complete mastery of genetics will not lift medical science out of this state. I will always ultimately remain in the hands of God alone whatever the barbers and butchers do for me. The arrogance of science in general causes as much harm and division as good. All research is self-interest, self-promotion and profit driven. Scientists always seek the source of their next mortgage payment. The Earth and the rest of the Universe will survive all that we and science can throw at it. Pouring money into researching our alleged part in its premature destruction is folly. Ditto all of the above regards the predominately politically motivated environmentalist lobby.

‘Blood is thicker that water’ is an excuse used by abusers and the uncaring to avoid facing up to their own responsibilities and actions and to take advantage of the weak and to protect the cruel. All forms of physical punishment in the home are acts of cruel and unnecessary violence by large adults against defenceless children, and always expose the inadequacies of the adult. Our culture’s inability to address the issues of quality of parenting are the only reason I could go to jail for lightly smacking an adult in the street, but not for hitting my small child considerably harder. I will choose my family just as I choose my friends. To forgive I must never forget. If I forget there is nothing to forgive.

Principles are the nooses by which we hang ourselves. Today’s principle is last year’s bad habit. Habit is how we function on all physical and mental levels. Almost everything we do consciously or otherwise, including emotional responses, is habit. The hardest habits to break were formed in response to experiences in the womb and before speech; then the habits we form while our basic characters develop up to the age of about eight; then the habits formed before puberty and during puberty; then the habits of our mid and late teens and finally our adult habits, which should be the easiest to break. It is not possible to function as a human without relying on habits but by being aware we can sometimes make overriding choices to change our lives, not just when we give up smoking. The greatest con of the psychiatry/psychology industry is that it is a ’science’ in its infancy that boils down to finding out what our habits are and then attempts to retrain us by breaking those habits.

I am not certain about any of the above because I only feel it to be true in my weak Human heart, and I know that you feel your beliefs as strongly as I hold mine. I also know that anybody can be persuaded, by one mechanism, or another to believe or feel anything anybody else wants them to, given enough time and opportunity and skill. Best to get them young then.

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