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6th October 2017 08:52 GMT permalink to this post

It takes teamwork and leadership to slay the Hydra

BoyfromTottenham's comment, on Alan Carlin's "Climate Alarmism Is a Typical Scientific Scam but with Much More Serious Consequences", post asks an important question. What is Climate alarmism's weakness? We know it is bad science; we know its own data undermines its arguments; we know good scientific analysis that calls it into question will be vilified and/or ignored; we know it is a vast source of wealth for its apologists. The truth doesn't help, so what now?

Heralces and his nephew eventually collaborated on a two pronged attacked, slicing off the Hydra's heads and cauterising each stump. So, whither our club and firebrand and heroes to wield them, us being the righteous defenders of the scientific method? The obvious answer is in the very nature of collaboration as the true scientific method. We need to build a collaboratory of truth; a weight of evidence that is impervious to their ad-hominem slice and dice divisionary tactics; a thing so big that they will be seen for the insignificant side-show that they should have been all along.

The many heroic and valiant but isolated stands are not causing them anymore than an itch. We do see the monster recoil when the courts are used and when there is a palpable dent in their balance sheets. Somewhere there lies the weakness. It is all about money, as is all political chicanery and those of us with nothing to lose need to find ways to cause them to divert their investments elsewhere. The gravy train hoppers they employ to perpetuate the deceit will have to scatter like the ants they are, to another despotic queen.

Perhaps in the fairly and democratically elected president of the United States of America (contrary to the BBC meme), being true to his original stated aims, we have already the scientific world's saviour. He can wield enough power to use the scam's momentum against itself. Perhaps, in his carefuly choreographed, apparantly clumsy way, he has already started, having put his enemies in a position of weakness in underestimating him and those close to him. Even those of us not immediately in his demesne can hope to gain from the enactment of those original policies. Here at Ingrate Towers we think now is the time, Donald, sir. Those of us conflicted politically need to unite in support of whatever large enough force emerges, so that as it slices we can be ready to cauterise. Pucker up up fellow snowflakes, thine enemy's enemy is thy friend.

The antitheses of the CAGW religious philosophy and anathema to their cultish methodology is the 3 Cs - Contribute, Collaborate, Circulate. Divided we fall, though, and they will continue to censor, control and censure in the name of the Planet, blessed are they.

3rd October 2017 11.31 GMT permalink to this post

Seeking ancient wisdom

The Ingrates are convinced that our ancesters were very clever or, at least, their priveleged 'wizard/shamen' classes were. The great british henges were important festive/religious/gathering sites, we are are told. But what happened, where is this knowledge now?

In keeping it in the hidden and secret rites of 'wizards' and their acolytes, did it simply die out or was it wiped out? What did they know and what did their symbology mean? We are not convinced they built massive structures to boast about an ability to predict a sunrise. Archaeology has obvious limitations given the materials and technology of the neolithic but there may be lore and perhaps globallly related clues. They travelled far, did the ancients. The big question is how far?

Those ancient stones are a pale shadow of the site's former glory, to what extent no one has yet dared imagine, in 'fact' or fiction. Oh, for a time machine! In the meantime, dig the tunnel and leave them be, for feck's sake!

22nd September 2017 11.55 GMT permalink to this post

Black Dog Friday

The ingrates are concerned and,not a little, depressed. The facists are accusing reasonable and peaceful people of being fascists and being very loud and threatenting about it. An air of phoney indignant piouty is their constant companion and the historical echoes are deafening. They point and scream like possessed zombies at their fellow human beings, who are merely expressing their equally valid beliefs or knowledge.

We stay calm and threaten no one and are not counted in their opinion polls and given no voice in their compliant media but is that OK? We are depressed because it may be that some of these issues can only be resolved the old-fashioned way. The outcome would be uncertain, justice rarely these days being on the side of the righteous. The cost for humanity would be huge but our puppet masters don't care because, inevitably, they will profit.

Theresa May's weakness is being exposed today in Florence and it may cost us dear. The Tory establishment has again used Boris, who has not the nous to know it. The source of those darkly hidden characters' fears is uncertain but it will be more personal than altruistic, I'm sure. He is the pawn, we are the cannon fodder, naturally. Was Isaac Newton right? Is this how it begins?

5th September 2017 11.34 GMT permalink to this post

Let's Encrypt

It is now easy to serve a website on a trusted secure SSL link for free! The ingrates have moved to a host that enables easy installation of Let's Encrypt certificates. Snoops and spooks can no longer see what you are reading without you having to fork out an arm and a leg. When your site is not, or is barely, monitized, paying for an https:// padlock is painful. All hail the gurus at Let's Encrypt.

17th July 2017 09.00 GMT permalink to this post

Dr Who and the diversity debate

I have not felt the need to add to the noise, post election because nobody is listening. We are deafened by the loudness of the shouty classes across the UK, who all now vote for the socialist idiot. In Scotland the confused, misguided, unimaginative, narrow-minded, plain wrong Unionist apologists are deaf. The purveyors of non-science and CO2 haters appear to control most of the media. I have nothing to add to these debates; better folk than me are already comprehensively unheard in that regard.

However, I will not be silenced as far as Dr W is concerned. The 'man', up to now, and in the future is not human. He has 2 hearts for feck's sake. There is no evidence that he posseses genetalia of any description. He does resemble a male human but I have met women who have, to my tired old eyes, appeared more 'masculine' that Matt Smith, for example. So now 'it' resembles a female human and I can safely and controvertially assert that I have never met a man as 'feminine' as Jodie Whittaker. I suppose that's a matter of preference, superficially speaking. Dr Who has, especially in its modern incarnation, cleverly explored much of what makes us human from an alien perspective, without needing to rely on stereotypes.

The diversity debate is also becoming as unnecessarily shouty loud as the climate and other political debates are now conducted. I suppose we will get over it. Or we will give in and destroy our economies and habitats with monuments to Green and we will shake hands with the EU and beg forgiveness because it was all just a misunderstanding and Scotland obviously couldn't manage on her own and most most of us are gay anyway, for sure, if volume is any measure.

2nd March 2017 08.30 GMT permalink to this post

Pointy-elbowed and titled - Wot's Up Wif That Then?

Satisfied with themselves this morning are 358 Contents who have managed to delay the inevitable for a week. They have also exposed their complete lack of business and diplomatic nous. It is uncomfortable for a card-carrying member of the SNP to align with (elected) Westminster Tories but this particular nationalist is primarily a democrat (not in the slave owning US sense). To restore democracy to these islands, we need to leave the EU. To restore democracy to the UK, it is now obvious that we do in fact need to abolish the upper house. To restore democracy to Scotland we need independence, out of the EU!

You do not enter delicate political negotiations with your cards neatly laid out on the table. Everything will be used as a bargaining tool by all sides over the coming two years and positions will shift. We must appear willing to take a hard stance on everything to force the other side to bring everything to the table. It is obvious that no matter what the right want, we will not be sending EU immigrants home en-masse but let's not weaken the position of UK citizens living in the EU by making it a prerequisite. By doing so, the other side will be able to make some non-related issue an equally imovable object. Make them make the first move, call their bluff.

In a democracy to achieve goals, we must play the long game and expect compromise. This will keep a broad body of support for the general direction of change. It is essential that elected representatives bear this in mind at all times. Unelected gravy-train-riders don't give a damn. It is expensive and undoubtedly entertaining but it is not democratic. Let's take their toys away from them, not before time.

On the subject of compromise and remembering that your enemies' (in a Brexit position sense) enemy, is your friend, I highly recommend that now is the time to build a war chest. The best place for this is the coffers of Wings Over Scotland, who will bravely fight the most important democratic cause of all, fairly. I do practice what I preach!

15th February 2017 10.15 GMT permalink to this post

Independence from all, for all - drawing a line in the sand and time

For both the UK and Scotland, I want Independence. Independence from the dumbed-down, committee that is the uber-expensive EU and the outdated old-boys club that is Westminster. I cannot separate in my head those two desires. If Scotland achieves separation from the UK but remains shackled to the failing EU, nothing has been gained and the Scottish people are still not free.

It has never been about any other issue. Self-determination, self-determination, self-determination. Those who argue for No and Remain seem happy for others to make decisions on their behalf about all the other issues. Why can't we manage all of that by our selves and become masters of our own destiny?

The UK or its rump will now have to grow up and do just that, without losing any friends in the longterm. They will get over it. Scotland should too. It will probably mean Independence first than a new post-indy Holyrood power base taking Scotland out of the, by then, collapsing EU. I think it is about growing up as a nation. We have had 300 years of hanging on to mummy's coat-tails, it's no longer necessary. The world will welcome us as a free nation with open arms. We don't have to be frightened. If we remain scared, we will remain small.

30th January 2017 10.17 GMT permalink to this post

Spinning the Twists and Weaving a Delusion and free balloons

They say, 'our Democracy Has Been Hacked' and they made a documentary to prove it and now it's a meme, gosh; gotta catch my breath! Unfortunately, the problem is one of timing and misdirection. Our collective, western democracies (give or take) were indeed hacked but not now by Brexit and Trump, they already were, decades ago!

Only now, has the Matrix hive awoken from its slumber and taken the red pill. It is an exremely unpalatable, unsavoury and unconscionable horror, like waking from a nightmare and realising that reality is worse. Except, it isn't. Being misled for decades by an insidious alliance of pointy-elbowed minority interests, whose relentless shouty argumentum ad hominem distraction becoming a post-PC 'truth', does not equate to reality. This movement has been loosley driven by an impossible to unmask unholy alliance of lefty-liberals and a swathe of desperate for attention gullible minorities, to what end we will probably never know. I suspect they were just fighting the man for populist reasons.

The 'Great Awakening' has saved us, hopefully, from their worst intentions, whatever they were. The 'Post Truth' era is not now beginning, it is ending. Fake news is being exposed for the first time in decades but a campaign of spin has begun in a last gasp attempt to save the cause. They are calling the majority led 'New Truth', 'Fake News'. Bless their tiny broken hearts. Theirs is the politics of fear and passive agressive narccisism that destroys anything that gets in its way. It has lost the war. There are a few skirmishes left to tidy up but the light at the end of the tunnel will dazzle even them.

Democracy was indeed broken but, fear not, those of us who took the red pill years ago have saved you. It is time to fight for our lives, our communities and our proud nations. The false gods have been dashed to the ground and the sacrifice of the innocents will stop. The lunatics will, one by one, be politely asked to leave their gravy-train-riding posts in the assylum. They no longer represent us, the erstwhile silent majority.

Indeed, the swamp must be drained and we are the people to do it and we have chosen how. In the USA, we chose Trump. In the UK, we chose Brexit. Future historians will mark 2017 as a new dawn as others across the 'free world' reclaim their birth-rights and rediscover their voice. The losers will scream at the top of their screetchy voices, because that is their way, but we will be calm. They will be heard, screaming 'Populism' bitterly but only if you strain against our much louder refrain, 'Truth, not Celebrity, Self-determination is the only freedom, Planet Earth is alive'!

Their shackles were an illusion they clamped to our fears and we fell for it, hook, line and sinker. The ruse nearly succeeded but they went too far. A careful historical analysis will show that the anthropogenic global warming scam, to which all sects clung so desparately, was their undoing. In the wake of its pseudo-scientific propaganda hung a steady reek of farmyard effluence that was to be its own undoing. They didn't know when to stop but we have been woken by this obnoxious smelling-salt and have re-discovered the power of scientific debate. They can't argue with their own data anymore.

We must remain alert though, my fellow new-enlightened ones. They still fight on in deluded cliques, convinced of their pious rectitude, and they are dangerous, as we know. But we have the technology, so bombard them with facts, it will break their resolve eventually. They will not want to remain the poor relation while the rest of us thrive. Sooner or later they will thank us.

Scotland will thrive only when she is free of the UK, the EU and the bigots because theirs is the ultimate delusion.

13th January 2017 09.50 GMT permalink to this post


A list for 2017, just for the avoidance of any doubt. In no particular order.

  • The process of the UK leaving the EU will begin.
  • The EU will begin to self-destruct.
  • Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the USA.
  • Famous people will die.
  • People I know will die.
  • Other people will die.
  • Illness will pervade.
  • Stupidity will pervade.
  • Complaints will be made, justly and unjustly.
  • Actions will be taken.
  • Weight will be lost, weight will be gained.
  • Smokers will stop and/or start.
  • The formerly mainstream media will attempt to drown us in propaganda.
  • The earth will be fine.
  • Weather and natural 'disasters' will occur, none of it 'extreme'.
  • Scientific 'discoveries' will be made.
  • 'Scientists' will lie, especially medical and climate scientists.
  • Sport will be hyped, victories and losses celebrated.
  • Spring will be called summer.
  • Summer will be short (in the UK).
  • Autumn will be long and windy.
  • Winter will return and be colder than this year.
  • Charities will spend a fortune raising funds for their desparate causes.
  • Taxes will not rise.
  • The developing world will incrementally evolve, as we once did.
  • There will be unpredicted change.
  • There will be miscarriages of justice.
  • Thieves and scoundrels will exploit the weak and greedy.
  • Marriages will be made in heaven and hell.
  • There will be an increase in population.
  • Extinctions will be threatened.
  • 'Climate change' apologists will destroy habitats and eco-systems and profiteer in the process.
  • Fortunes will be made and lost.
  • Universities will continue the decline in their educational value.
  • Terror, aided and abetted by western media collaborators, will continue to be the weapon of choice of lost causes.
  • Pointy elbowed minorities will continue to shout more loudly than the silent majority.
  • The silent majority will have their democartic moments.
  • Political and business corruption will be exposed.
  • Crooks and cheats will be honoured and rewarded.
  • Cruelty will be witnessed.
  • Crimes will go unpunished.
  • Laws will be made and changed.
  • Facts will be distorted and history re-written.
  • The 'internet' and www will be blamed for all forms of neglect and anything else that suits the narcisists.
  • World War 3 will not begin.
  • Endless, derivative dross will be transmitted and marketed as music.
  • Endless, derivative dross will be transmitted and marketed in cinemas, online and on television.
  • Endless, derivative dross will we published and marketed in bookstores and online.
  • MBAs will continue to destroy businesses across the globe.
  • Profits will be made and lost.
  • People and stuff will be lost and found.
  • Nothing will surprise me (unless the aliens arrive or God manifests).
  • There will be no helping some and others will take, take, take.
  • Unsung heroes will remain unknown.
  • Causes will come and go.
  • Software quality will continue to degrade.
  • Skivers and malingerers will continue to rob the NHS of resources and government will not address the issue.
  • 'Privatised' industries will continue to shaft their customers and tax payers
  • Regulators will remain toothless.
  • Dental and mental health will continue to decline.
  • Our school leavers and graduates will become increasingly illiterate and ignorant.
  • The Labour party will be as irrelevant as they have become.
  • Memories will fade.
  • Our dogs will love us, despite everything.
  • Roads and houses will be built and others neglected.
  • Property will remain subject to the insanity of the unregulated freemarket.
  • Predictions will have been wrong and will be made wrongly.
  • There will be doubt and uncertainty and fear.
  • Genius will improve us.
  • The genome will be weakened.
  • No flora or fauna will be 'saved' in the long term.
  • Money will be saved and spent, wasted and invested.
  • Time will be spent and sometimes wasted.
  • Hearts will be broken.
  • Enlightenment will be scarce.
  • Peace will be fragile because 'they' like it that way.
  • Families and communities and nations will remain divided.
  • The majority will remain indifferent and apathetic.
  • Souls will be lost.
  • Luck will be unfairly distributed.
  • Joy will be scarce.
  • Contact will be lost.
  • Social media will remain a self-deluding proxy.
  • Cowards will persist.
  • Christmas will be divisive,exciting, momentarily uplifting and depressing.

And then it will be 2018.

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