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29th November 2019 09.02 GMT permalink to post 119

Planet A does not require our protection

Paul Driessen writing at PA pundits makes it easy for you!

First, before you go off on one, ranting and screaming insults and threats at Paul, PA Pundits or the Ingrates, breathe (there's plenty air - whatever your high-priests tell you) and try to recall what you learned at school about the process of reading. Most importantly, begin with the first word and end with the last but don't forget the most important part - read every word inbetween. Read it with a clear head, as though it is a subject you are completely unfamiliar with and don't allow the angry little devil in you to distract you.

During this process, consider this - every calculation made, every reference referred to and all the science discussed, is and has been for more than 20 years a matter of physical fact or is from multiple well documented old-fashioned 'peer-reviewed' scientifically verifiable sources. This is not fake news or fictitious, post-truth political mischieve-making. These are the facts, all checkable, all testable, all well known to the top politicians, their advisers and the leaders of whatever agitating group you belong to.

Having read it and checked every last fact, you wil have invebitably concluded that you, we and every one you know has been conned. 'How?', is the the most important question you should now be asking yourself. You are part of a religious cult is how, brainwashed and controlled. As your anger wells up, your grief, as an inevitable stage in the process of loss that this shock discovery brings, will have to be worked through. Be safe in this process, look after you but remember, now that you have taken the red pill, you are in danger on so many levels. They will come for you, they will shun you and they will pillory you. They will brook no dissent.

Reaslising the enormity of how it can possibly be that you, along with the rest your fellow pious, holier-than-thou, self-righteous misguided army of victims can be so comprehensively conned is a massive blow to your ego. It turns out that scientific sceptisism ('denial' as they have reframed it) is a valid and vital intellectual position. It pre-dates this generation of 'science' that has hijacked the media at every level, not least the journalistic. Questioning every stage of any scientific endevour is the sole job of a scientist and it is traditional to stick to their hard-earned area of very narrow expertise, which they have unashamedly abandoned.

Every source you rely on for affirmation in your self-sacrificial and worthy pursuit of the greater good has abandoned this essential principal of human scientific development. Absolutely everything that went before and brought about everything that we currently enjoy and need in the modern world followed this process. Every 'luxury' we enjoy is slowly and inevitably filtering down to the less developed world and it will be a better place for it, so long as we don't deny them it with our misguided saviour complex.

'Climate Science' has ignored this in the pursuit of mamon and all its shameless, usurious ruthlessness. It has picked up and spat out scientists, charities, NGOs, politicians, the EU, journalists, whole religions, good people like yourself and your children and it will not quit! It continues, with no sense of irony, to blame the rich, the profitable and any wealth generating organisation for causing this non-existent problem. They continue to exploit any child, young adult and any other impressionable victim they can recruit. They are in our newspapers, our TV channels, our schools and Universities. They are at the top of every board, every poltical party and every decision making organisation. They are in every scientific funding body and every manufacturer, distibuter and retailer. They have taken over in an astonishing silent political coup. Who are they? Who knows but it doesn't really matter? They are a wealthy minority and they are not us.

They are a machine that has become so rich (at the top) driven by greed to astonishing extremes. Those extremes are the foucus of Paul Driesssen's article, which ultimately will be the downfall of this ridiculous house of cards. Those of us resisting do not require thanks. Our job is to save the planet, its environment, its eco-systems and habitats from you, their foot soldiers! Carrying out their profit motivated dirty-work is going destroy everything if we don't put a stop to it. If you are reading Paul's article in the UK, just divide all the numbers by 5 to take into account population differences but also bear in mind that we don't have the USA's mineral wealth, so the consequences will be even more profound here. None of which even begins to address the issue of global competition and the inevitable resource wars that would follow when we realise that other nations want to exploit our desparation.

Feel free to put these points to your would be representatives during these final two weeks of election campaigning with all their absurd 'climate' related promises. Ask them them how they expect us, the tax payers, to pay for this huge slice of cake amongst all the other slices they are promising. To all you BBC/C4/Guardian users, reading this, its not your fault and its not to late to save yourselves. You have to take that first step alone and accept that you need help and you will feel a load lifting when you extracate yourself from thier cynical clutches.

This 'debate' has been framed by them as a left versus right issue. It is not, it is a wrong versus right issue and it is time to choose whattever your instinctual political leanings tell you. Those emperors that make the wrong choice will be plain and simple for all to see in their new clothes, soon enough.

And when you have digested all of that, you will no doubt have discovered that the planet is in fact likely heading for a significant period of cooling. Don't panic, it is not too late to mitigate, by the skin of our teeth, so long as we don't act on the your puppet masters' plans.

embarrassed in santa hat


26th November 2019 09.14 GMT permalink to post 118

Sir Tim is saving his web, hopefully.

Aiming high from a very low base.

It is a good document in the best of intentions sense. It requires Governments, companies and us to conform, which we should. It seeks to protect freedom of expression and limit harm. Will governments, companies and we conform?

To do so there will have to be UN/Government international conventions, which will take years; there will have to be national legislation, which will take years and there will have to be mass education, which will be generational. We have to start somewhere! Reality is that the web can never be controlled by the UN, governments or companies. In one form or another opposing truths will always be spread in this age of the information wars. Those currently in control of mass indoctrination are also pulling the strings at government level. There is not much incentive to bring about change that protects our human rights while our economies are propped up by corrupt organised criminality.

contract for the web cover

license -

22nd November 2019 10.10 GMT permalink to post 117

Bring back the 70s, you stupid people!

The rest of us have to pray enough of us have bothered to vote with our brains.

The unions, who fund the Labour Party and control their policy decisions have asked us to return to the boom-and-bust of the 60s, 70s and 90s; all Labour led disasters for this country. Of course the Tory response to each of these periods of economic hell and irreversible upheaval has been extreme. They've misinterpreted the voters trust and they've been domniated by their right wing and they have introduced their own irreversable upheaval, not least in the housing market.

This extreme response was no less true following the global collapse at the end of the Blair/Brown pantomime, even if GB's prudence prevented the worst of it. Tory Austerity has been hell and in the face of a massively changing European and global economic landscape, was ill-judged even without hindsight. However, the right-wing of the Tory party and its ludicrous wafty left has been purged thanks to their true colours being pinned so shamelesly to the Brexit Remoaner mast. Also,there can be no doubt that the country is in a much better economic position despite all the new and unnecessary pressures the EU continues to bring to our shores.

We effectively have a rebranded New Conservative party, willing and able to repair the damage, not least by completing the agenda set by the people in 2016. The New Tories, under Boris, may well deserve to be punished in the eyes of many but think carefully about the alternatives.

Jo Swinson, case one, a posh girl from East Dunbartonshire, Milngavie ('mull-guy') no less, who works so hard to disguise her accent. She is so thouroughly marinated and sauteed in her post-Libreral, management school self-delusional, woke/SJW private hell that she cannot see that her accent is the least of her 'faults'. The biggoted voters in the south who will never vote for a Scot, won't vote Lib-Dems anyway, no matter how Remainy she gets.

Jeremy Corbyn, case two, a twat from any angle; a bigot from any other and a bumbling dangling plaything for the union godfathers, who has no idea how Leavy or Remainy he wants to be. He/they want us to spend our way to a union nirvana. It's all in their beautifully retro manifesto, aimed fairly at squarely the pre-conditioned salt of the earth in the hope that they still swill so much ale down't pub that they won't mind undoing 40 years of progress. They will drop Sky Sports, pick-ups, frequent holidays abroad and home ownership ambitions for their children in an instant if they could only get back down the mines, the sweaty foundries and fag smoke polluted car plants. What do we want? Smoke filled pubs! When do we want it? December the 13th! What do we want? Massive dole queues! When do we want want it? December the 13th! What do we want? Endless power cuts! When do we want it? December the 13th!

Nigel Farage, case three, a much misrepresented highly focused former Tory determined to get us out of the Brussels mess. He is not a racist or bigot, he is not a pint guzzling drunk, he is not unelectable (he is the leader of the biggest single party in the EU) but, as is now obvious, his party is only worth voting for in the Labour dominated Remain seats.

Boris Johnson, case four, a well educated toff, ruthless and able to stand up to the bullies. A focused and skilled poitician in the same class as other international leaders. A potential statesman of renown, determined to finish what he starts, who does not quit. A reborn Brexiteer who can see through the Franco-German nexus for what it is and will become. A old-fashioned Tory who will not countenance surrender.

The power and ubiquity of the extreme left's dominance of the propaganda machine that was once our well respected British media has let the country down. It is a festering pit of lies designed to bring lucre and glory to the bursting coffers of its mighty green robed, science-free-zone priests. It does not care about the ultimate fate of its dedicated followers or anybody else. It is led by the same level of evil that destroyed Europe in the 30s and 40s, the Soviet Union after that and China/Vietnam after that. It is happy to align with Labour/Lib Dem to gain power.

People, they all make promises they cannot keep but this time round there is only one promise that really matters. Do not wake up three weeks from today knowing that your apathy, stubberness or stupidity has caused this country to step back so far in time that your grand-children will think they are clever when they invent an always on national power grid, refuge collections for all households and a right not to be raped, mugged or stabbed when you walk down the street or sleep in your own home.

girl kneeling to pray


1st November 2019 08.16 GMT permalink to post 116

An end-game fought on two fronts

The silent majority will be heard

December the 12th 2019 is a date that will reverberate down the ages and be recalled much like any other in a history text book. Predicting why is not easy after such a long hard-fought war. The truth is out there and the would be creators of the new reality, hunkered in their minority alliance nuclear bunkers have stuck their heads up.

Their over-confidence barely rises above their steaming shit pile of fear. They must know they have been out manouvered politically but their strength is in their control of all main stream media outlets. This is the post-truth battlegound. The forces of reason that can see, and have warned of the dangers for decades, must focus on that battle. The silent majority know that we are finally on the right path to a true freedom, a restoration of self-determining, proud nationhood. We are not defined by our age, our gender or our sexual-orientation. We are the electorate, the re-chargable lithium-iron battery power source that keeps the intellectual lights burning. We sometimes run low on energy and allow noise into the system but we get a boost, every five years at least, and each time we are better informed.

The current noise levels are achingly unbearable, non-sensical, self-destructive and dangerous. They advocate burning books, legislating against free-speech, criminalising thoughts and they would destroy the last bastion of economic strength in Europe. The decline of the EU rump is inevitable and our only chance of prosperity lies outside its self-destructive socialist idealism.

They are nothing but a noisy minority given an inch, taking a mile. We are the reasonable masses and we do not advocate silencing them but we do insist on making them listen. They are the victims of an abusive extreme left-wing lie that will destory all of us. Please my fellow Britons, vote with your brains this time. Do not react in anger to your personal mis-fortunes and the habit of a life time. Do not give Jeremy Corbyn the keys to the Fourth Reich or the Soviet Socialist European Union.

Allow those you asked to do the job in the first place, to get it finished by undoing the damage done in 2017. The dross have exposed their underparts and they no longer factor in the equation. Blast one up them in the ballot box and sleep easy at last.

a fair fight


The shame of scientific corruption

The age of reason is not dead yet. I would urge all waverers and most definitely fear-of-death-cult members to listen. that's all you have to do. You shout, you are very good at that but you don't listen. It is the secret to education and has helped human kind develop beyond the age of doom preaching, flat-earthing and geo-centric universe beliefs. We are neither, collectively nor individually, Gods, demi-gods or God's representatives in any way. We are incapable of destroying the planet, certainly by accident. I suspect if scientists put their mind to it, we could nuke the core and blast us all to oblivion. Short of that, we are no more than a CO2 producing termite mountain, itching at the surface. We create less CO2 than the termites, incidentally! A plant feeding trace gas that amounts to no more that 4 parts in 10,000 of the atmosphere is not warming the planet.

I plead with all followers of the death cult to learn to read and to assume responsibilty for their actions. Ask the founders of your religion about their financial support and origins, ask them about their ultimate vision. While you are between post-narcotic fugs take a few minutes to understand the science. Paul Driessen's article on PA Pundits is as good a place as any to start.It is time for common sense to re-establish order in the world of science before reason becomes extinct. Knowledge is the master of belief and your puppet masters want to deny you the empowering relief it brings.

extinct dinasour


11th October 2019 06.32 GMT permalink to post 115

Forgive me Lord, for I have sinned

The list may be too long for my penance to be any less than my exposure to the ultimate sanction. I await the darkest presence. My soul will continue to suffer in the meantime as my guilt knows no bounds.

It is a long and sorry list, in no particular order:

the grim reaper approacheth


7th August 2019 08.50 GMT permalink to post 114

Hypocrisy - thy name is Celebrity

… and not just because Rex Murphy at Canada's National Post says so, so skillfully. There can be no better definition of beyond a joke, for that is what it is. Not only that these publicity junkies have truely sold their souls but that without fail the Main Stream Meejah [MSM] (apologies to David Warren) fail to report this criminally scandalous fraud. They will offset their guilt with our money, twice because our money put them there in the first place. Rex Murphy says it so much better than I can, as would David Warren for that matter. I have neither the literary nor journalistic skills but there are those employed in the MSM who do. If memory serves they only managed a jokey reference to Prince Harry's bare feet. So well we are served by our regressive tax funded BBC.

It is not possible to read about this farce without paying close attention to Google's part in all of this. I am very much on the side of Scottish Sceptic's view that this organisation is part of the problem. Of couse the question is, which part? Are they also a puppet of the sinister and shady Common Purpose or are they merely accidental allies? Our political representatives should be asking these questions but therein lies the rub of our very real problem fellow little people.

Our political representatives are, of course, no such thing. They teater on the finest of edges of self-interest, self preservation and unavoidable public scrutiny on their tip-toes. Their strength and advantage lies in the simple fact that most of us are not watching them most of the time. We are watching Common Purpose, Google and the rest even less. But, oh boy, are they watching us! It will surely work out all right in the end, won't it? If only I had David Warren's faith.

Baahh …

the symbolgy of the cowardly classes


19th July 2019 10.05 GMT permalink to post 113

BBC is out of control, and dangerous (C4 is worse)

The question is - who do they work for? I really am not a conspiracy theorist loon but how else does a normall citizen draw attention to the in-yer-face obvious propaganda monster that our main stream media has become, without ranting in a dark obscure corner of the interwebs?

It is vital that we find the answer to this question. The BBC are promoting and giving the oxygen of publicity to terrorist and anarchist organisations, including Extinction Rebellion. The BBC are determined to stop Brexit at all cost. The BBC are promoting unscientific economy and progress destroying climate fairy stories.

The silent compliant majority are sleep walking to disaster, apparently under the impression that we can do nothing about it. PEOPLE! This is a fucking democracy. We have to remove from power the undemocratic tendency that thinks all of this is acceptable. We have to become truely WOKE, awake to their insidious manipulations, now.

Let's start by dismantalling the BBC. It has obviously become a huge, expensive puppet of some sinister, shadowy alternative NU-Establishment that believes it has us in the palm of its hands. It clearly has allies across the channel and democracy is not its friend.

No, thinking out loud - let's start by removing the Labour Party and iliberal demoprats from the House of Commons; create an entirly elected upper house; and GET OUT OF THE EU before they swallow us whole!

The image below represents cowardice and nothing else. Even if there are 1000s of hardcore supporters of nothingness, there are orders of magnitude more of the rest of us. It is time for us to bring them under control before we sleepwalk into they chaos these children think they want.

I include it here (subtly modified) because I think there is a direct link between it and the problem above. Up yours ya fascist cunts. We are proud to be old, fat and any shade of pink or black. We are NOT sorry for the ever more prosperous creation we have made for you. We will protect it.

the symbolgy of the cowardly classes



10th July 2019 06.51 GMT permalink to post 112

There's a stench coming from the left …

… and it's an eye-watering offense to the senses. So much so, that I am being forced to scribble here two days running, with apologies to our lonley regular reader.

There is a link to yesterday's comment on BJ and the Stuntman, who incidentally were interesting to watch on the box last night. BJ full of no surprises and more wily than a fox. The stuntman being Theresa May in trousers, trying too hard to please everyone, no more inspiring that a beancounter going for a senior management role and promising to beat the EU into submission with no less than a good talking to. BJ will go for it and use whatever ruthless tactic is necessary. I digress, the link to this in yesterday's real news shocker is in an analysis of democratic representation.

I argued yesterday that the Tories choosing our new PM is not undemocratic because, technically, we did not vote for a PM. I stand by that, a Tory is a Tory, we know what they will give us. Labour on the other hand have taken yet another plunge into the murk that threatens peace and democracy as it has done throughout history. Their voters gave their manifesto the benefit of the doubt when TM called a snap election back when. That manifesto SUPPORTED leaving the EU, not that most of the rest of us took that seriously. Now, in order to keep the union money flowing into their coffers, they, without taking it to their people, have done a U-turn. It's the kind of U-turn that the German people endured in the lead up to the 2nd war.

Labour is already a poisened collective of opposing extreme minority influences that want to give power to the book burners, thought control police and Lord-of-the-Flies-as-a-manual-for-the-cult-of-youth-brigades. They are inching steadily to much worse and, as always, the majority are silent. JC and his fellow Jew haters will arm these lunatics and come for the rest of us. The massive elephant in the Labour Party room is in charge. They will be supported by the next, inevitable evolution of the EU.

We're doomed, I tell you. I have said it on these pages before. Rise up before it's too late my right thinking brothers and sisters.


9th July 2019 07.10 GMT permalink to post 111

To Boris or not to Boris

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune have been visited upon BJ often as not and he appears prepared to take arms against a sea of troubles. Will it mark the end of him and us as we enter the undiscovered country of a post TM UK? I doubt it. We are certaininly exhibiting a very un-British lack of courage in this and all that we do these days.

I don't know how this will pan out. Three sordid years that will be given a name in the history books whose endings have not yet been written, any more than yet another unfinished Shakespeare tome. To be honest, I don't have time for this as my regular reader will confirm, this being only the fifth scribbling of 2019.

It feels though that my lonely audience will be done an injustice should I not comment at such an important twist in the political history of this land. I am not a card carrying member of the Tory Party and have no real say, as so many others are pointing out. Do I care that we, the rest of us, are not choosing our next PM? I don't give a toss about the mechanism that causes this to be a frequent historical fact in our parliamnetary system, we collectively voted for a manifesto, not an individual. Our collective lack of decisiveness in that process caused it to be watered down somewhat by the specific interests of the DUP, in any case.

So what of our present dilemma, more specifically the Tory membership's dliemma? How are they to choose? I refer back to that previous lack of decisiveness when TM stupidly gave us a choice and to the start of this whole shennanigans, when there was no doubt about our decisiveness. I refer to manifestos promising to enact our clear choice to leave the EU. This is the only thing that should weigh upon the Tory memberships' collective shoulders. We must, for democracy's sake, ironically respecting democratic choice, leave the EU on the 31st of October. Vote for the man most likely to bring that about, I say.

Hunt is stained by a sense of dallying from his lengthy stay in health and to put it plainly we cannot have a PM whose name rhymes with punt or stunt. We don't want to have to refer to that effing punt, Hunt. I say go for intellect and BJ has that in spades. He has a history of using the right people to get the job done, which is politics. Only now under weak leadership is London crumbling for the want of a less PC choice.


23rd April 2019 09.30 GMT permalink to post 110

Extinction Rebellion v Democracy

It will be interesting to see how this pans out. The politicians need to be seen to 'care' about climate because Sir David (blessed is he) says they should. Sir David has no concern whatsoever for science and neither should they, say the gravy train riders. Politicians are happy for global corporations to walk all over our freedoms and, in fact, enable their behaviour. They will have no problem allowing these shower-shy global anti-democracy machines to do the same if we don't stop them.

There were well in excess of 60 million Britons NOT protesting in London and elsewhere, mainly because we have chosen NOT to give up centuries of human progress and the benefits of economic stability. It is, after all, a principle job of our ELECTED representatives to protect this choice. The self-proclaimed planet savers do NOT represent anyone but themselves and the extreme left facists pulling their strings; the very same pupateers as pull the strings at all the mask-wearing, anti-capatalist 'protests'. They are well-funded and resourced enough to regularly turn up at wherever they will be indulged. It is paid work for feck's sake!

It is staggering that the 'main-stream-media' provide them with so much publicity oxygen when that very media would be crushed were these anti-freedomists to obtain the power their leaders crave.

The 'I haven't had a shower for at least two smelly days' brigade, poorly educated, ignorant and time-rich, have given themselves multiple facebookgasms by being there, as they will boast to their grandchildren. When the balance of power shifts and creates a much less stable world their grandchildren will not thank them.

Nothing is being saved, nothing needs to be saved, for pity's sake! I do think that it might be time for the rest of to us organise. Perhaps on a shift basis. It would not take a signifiicant proportion of us to bulldoze these people off our capital's roads when the police can't manage it. There are more of us.


28th March 2019 09.36 GMT permalink to post 109

Delaying the Revolution

If TM and her advisors have mis-calculated, the extra 14 days will have been for nothing and all hell will break loose in this once great country. The stupid, ignorant arrogance of the political classes will be exposed. That raw open wound will be torn even wider by their public school dormitory fondlings and it will seep a festering poisonous puss across this formerly peaceful land.

This will be taken advantage of by many minority groups intent on settling old scores and it will be ugly. I am not talking about the groups in Westminster but everywhere else. If she thinks the worst of it lies within those hallowed halls, she is truely ill-advised and deluded. Leaving the EU or the permanent separation of the nations or the re-unification of Ireland or mainland regionalisation and multiple other permutations will be her legacy. The UK will become unrecognisable and every manouvre engineered to protect the Tory Party will only result in its resounding pointlessness under this country's new management.

I do see this as one way to overcome the reticence of so many of my fellow Scots to see sense but a free Scotland created as an unintended consequence of Westminster machinations, is the wrong way to go about it. Hopefully Scotland will learn from this that the EU shenanigans and chincanery is the root cause and Scotland should not provide an enclave on these islands, certainly not one where an EU wide military could have a presence that owes more to 1930s German politics than 21st century democracy. Does Nicola think this would be a good thing?

We have a shrunken military and inefectual police force on these islands and millions of very angry people, do the math TM! The Gilet Jaune example will be a side note in history by comparison. What will tomorrow bring? I've got my axe, my hard hat and I don't need troosers or a kilt. Bring it on Jimmy.


4th January 2019 07.26 GMT permalink to post 108

Nez - it's the opposite of Zen

My prediction for 2019 is that a distinct lack of calm will descend that will last until April, at least. Ugliness will ensue. Then we will get over it and enjoy the rest of the year. Until Christmas, when a distinct lack of calm will descend that will last until 2020…


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