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What is a Manager?

We will expand further on this over time. In the meantime, see the ever expanding menu above for more specific opinionated rants.

A manager is in charge of people, directly.

Anyone else with the title manager is something else.

This is an observable fact and is not intended to be a controversial or provocative statement. Many 'managers', even those directly in charge of people are unnecessary, which is a provocative statement.

A manager makes decisions.

Anyone who has to seek higher approval is not a manager.

This is an observable fact and is not intended to be a controversial or provocative statement. Many 'managers' find themselves micro-managed by senior managers. A manager should only need seek approval for spending outside of budgetary limits.

By definition, therefore, 'Assistant Managers' assist the manager, who does the managing but do not assist with the managing, which is a provocative statement.

A manager is not your friend.

By be-friending you, a manager undermines their own essential authority.

It is not necessary to be unfriendly or aloof in order to manage others but the relationship must always remain professional.

A manager must resist any approach or attempt by his/her charges to change the nature of that professional relationship. It is the friendliest thing to do.

Your manager's job is rarely your business

Concentrate on your job, it is definitely your manager's business.

Your manager answers to their manager, whose business it is to concern themselves with your manager's performance. Your manager will make it their business to interfere,change, monitor and affect your job. They may even consult/discuss these things with you but in the main, they will be getting on with the job their manager wants them to. Your problems will rarely be solved by blaming your manager. If, objectively, you can claim to be beyond criticism with a full and honest reference to your role requirements, only then problems should be steered your manager's way. Fix yourself first!

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