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ingratebriton - IT guru

There is no such thing as an IT guru

Usually the person referred to, so patronisingly, is the person who undoes your cock-ups for free.

IT is a massive field and there is no one out there, anywhere, capable of knowing everything about any individual specialism, never mind all of it. The IT illiteraty, who provide most of the work to those they refer to as gurus, use the term to describe those willing to make an effort to understand some aspect of PC, network, telephone or general gadget use, often involving no more than reading a manual.

You will often see angry responses on forums from 'experts' to 'newbies' who haven't even RTFM, unsurprisingly. So that is the first piece of advice on this page - RTFM, even if it's going to take you all day. It's your gizmo, learn to use it properly before you trouble somebody else or before you switch it on!

Before you do anything else, use your eyes (or appropriate aids) to read all of this page. Spotted the 'trust no-one' menu link? Use it, now, then come back here when I've written something worth reading.

Speaking with Authority is not necessarily expertise

These humble pages are a perfect example of opinions being expressed with confidence on many sujects. A sizeable body of evidence may, over time, hint at a level of expertise but is no guarantee and you certainly won't find a sizeable body here (you will find one sitting on its backside typing these words). You also, are not guaranteed, to find it anywhere else on the internet, though you may think it found, the expertise that is. Tread carefully and always seek second and third and more opinions.

You know what they say about a Jack-of-all-trades. Hopefully here, we will provide as many pointers as possible to original or alternative sources of opinion in the form of in-article links or on our regularly used links page.

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