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ingratebriton - Quality guru

Without quality there is no service.

Don't pay money for any thing or service of poor quality. Read the small print first and know your consumer rights. This page will form the basis of a campaign for complete transparency by suppliers for purchasers, private or business. We, the ingrates, demand detailed, appropriate and enforced regulation for everything we spend our money on. We will start with mail and parcel/courier services - see link in menu above.

Before we go any further, it is vital that we define and understand 'Quality'. It is a word with a very large entry in the Oxford English Dictionary, with a long history. Scroll down to entry 8 on this link, which is a good place to start. You could read, as I did in 1978 while crossing the Indian Ocean, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance but only if you want to go as insane as the main character. Alternatively, let's have a go here. In terms of goods or services purchased, quality is…. Hold on though, there's our first problem. Quality on its own has no real meaning in this context, instead we shall try to define 'good quality' an absence of any component of which we will take to mean that the quality is poor. There is no point in trying to invent a quality scale. So, in terms of goods or services purchased, good quality is:

  • Item or service is fully described and on delivery meets the specification given.
  • Item or service cost fairly reflects the specification.
  • The item or service is actually available and in stock as advertised.
  • Item or service delivery schedule has well-defined purchaser options.
  • Item or service is delivered according to schedule.
  • The process of purchasing involves no unnecessary complication or difficulty.
  • The process of purchasing is fully secure at all stages.
  • Current developments are applied whenever they become available to improve the item or service.
  • Full support is available at all stages of browsing, ordering, delivery and post-delivery.
  • Failure at any point is dealt with without delay entirely at the supplier's cost.

If you fail to meet any of the above requirements, I define the quality of your goods or services as poor and I won't buy from you more than once, without a subsequent substantial body of evidence that things have improved.

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