Angus couldn't understand why the image in the mirror looked nothing like him.



I don't know what else to say. Anybody (all 2 of you) who have kept up with this blog over the years knows what I am. Just in case you are new, I'll remind you. I'm a grumpy old Scottish bastard, living in the south of England, and I've been here a long time.

I was a fully paid up card-carrying member of the SNP until a couple of years ago, when something began to smell rotten in Nicola's vicinity. I quit. WTF is going on. I've read our history and I am confident that Scotland is permanently fucked. We are nation of dicks, obsessed with money and power, without the necessary.

We fucked up 300 years ago and we are fucking it up again. I am from a 'loyalist' background but I despise that lunacy and its automatic illogical need to associate that with being subservient to a UK government. I am very definitely a royalist but I am quite happy for our queen to continue reigning over an independent Scotland, a free Scotland. What's is the matter with you all.

What is the point of proudly grandstanding about being Scottish if you might as well be Kentish. An ounce of real pride in what it means to be Scottish and you would not be able to stand being ruled from Westminster. I live surrounded by bigots who do not hide their contempt for Scotland and its people but you imagine they love Scotland. Based on what stupid shallow measure have you come to that conclusion? It is a delusion. All that matters to the people of the southern half of England (the huge majority of the UK population), is themselves.

The same is true of the continental EU. There is no freedom in supping at that corrupt trough, although it does suit the aforementioned Scottish preference for their approach to politics. If we can have it for nothing, we'll believe anybody that says they'll give it, which sums up the problem.

Where does that leave us. The SNP clearly don't give a shit about independence but worse they have become a collective tyrannical monster. They have engineered a deliberate attempt to send to prison a man who disagrees with their approach to Scottish freedom. The evidence is clear and the corrupt Scottish media is ignoring this appalling story in collusion with a corrupt Scottish justice system, and police service.

These people should not be in charge of a country at any level. Unfortunately, all who would replace them have been farted out of the same stinking mould. My homeland will never be free so long as 50%ish of the electorate can't be arsed to make the effort and the other 50%ish think that the current option gives a shit about you. And also, that it is enough to just say your Scottish!

To be Scottish, be free, wake up!