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15th January 2020 08.20 GMT permalink to post 120

It is, and it always has been, about the physics!

Ron Clutz,writing on his Science Matters blog, summarises.

In the name of God, would you people just listen! Yes you, Thunberg and you, XR (all of you) and all you 'consensus' wielding planet saving heroes, and most especially you, the main-stream media. That does include you, BBC. You cannot keep wriggling out from under the science. A nuclear detonation has blasted this CO2 obsessed non-theory into oblivion.

Wakey, wakey. The game is over, your number is up and the fat lady has sung herself hoarse. CO2 is irrelevant and it is time to start the real science. Make the discoveries we need to make for the right reasons and start repairing the damage you have done to habitats, eco-systems, environments and economies in the pursuit of this false god. Find another god to worship for pity's sake. History is riddled with their bones.

The 'Why Climate Changes' website explains in detail.

And before you start ranting, this is not 'fake news', this is physics. It's the hard subject, not even 'Climate Scientists' dare risk studying, which is why they are so wrong, so very wrong. Surely 2020 can be the year the penny finally drops.

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