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23rd April 2019 09.30 GMT permalink to post 110

Extinction Rebellion v Democracy

It will be interesting to see how this pans out. The politicians need to be seen to 'care' about climate because Sir David (blessed is he) says they should. Sir David has no concern whatsoever for science and neither should they say the gravy train riders. Politicians are happy for global corporations to walk all over our freedoms and, in fact, enable their behaviour. They will have no problem allowing these shower-shy global anti-democracy machines to do the same if we don't stop them.

There were well in excess of 60 million britons NOT protesting in London and elsewhere, mainly because we have chosen NOT to give up centuries of human progress and the benefits of economic stability. It is, after all, a principle job of our ELECTED representatives to protect this choice. The self-proclaimed planet savers do NOT represent anyone but themselves and the extreme left facists pulling their strings; the very same pupateers as pull the strings at all the mask-wearing, anti-capatalist 'protests'. They are well-funded and resourced enough to regularly turn up at wherever they will be indulged. It is paid work for feck's sake!

It is staggering that the 'main-stream-media' provide them with so much publicity oxygen when that very media would be crushed were these anti-freedomists to obtain the power their leaders crave.

The 'I haven't had a shower for at least two smelly days' brigade, poorly educated, ignorant and time-rich, have given themselves multiple facebookgasms by being there, as they will boast to their grandchildren. When the balance of power shifts and creates a much less stable world their grandchildren will not thank them.

Nothing is being saved, nothing needs to be saved, for pity's sake! I do think that it might be time for the rest of to us organise. Perhaps on a shift basis. It would not take a signifiicant proportion of us to bulldoze these people off our capital's roads when the police can't manage it. There are more of us.


28th March 2019 09.36 GMT permalink to post 109

Delaying the Revolution

If TM and her advisors have mis-calculated, the extra 14 days will have been for nothing and all hell will break loose in this once great country. The stupid, ignorant arrogance of the political classes will be exposed. That raw open wound will be torn even wider by their public school dormitory fondlings and it will seep a festering poisonous puss across this formerly peaceful land.

This will be taken advantage of by many minority groups intent on settling old scores and it will be ugly. I am not talking about the groups in Westminster but everywhere else. If she thinks the worst of it lies within those hallowed halls, she is truely ill-advised and deluded. Leaving the EU or the permanent separation of the nations or the re-unification of Ireland or mainland regionalisation and multiple other permutations will be her legacy. The UK will become unrecognisable and every manouvre engineered to protect the Tory Party will only result in its resounding pointlessness under this country's new management.

I do see this as one way to overcome the reticence of so many of my fellow Scots to see sense but a free Scotland created as an unintended consequence of Westminster machinations, is the wrong way to go about it. Hopefully Scotland will learn from this that the EU shenanigans and chincanery is the root cause and Scotland should not provide an enclave on these islands, certainly not one where an EU wide military could have a presence that owes more to 1930s German politics than 21st century democracy. Does Nicola think this would be a good thing?

We have a shrunken military and inefectual police force on these islands and millions of very angry people, do the math TM! The Gilet Jaune example will be a side note in history by comparison. What will tomorrow bring? I've got my axe, my hard hat and I don't need troosers or a kilt. Bring it on Jimmy.


4th January 2019 07.26 GMT permalink to post 108

Nez - it's the opposite of Zen

My prediction for 2019 is that a distinct lack of calm will descend that will last until April, at least. Ugliness will ensue. Then we will get over it and enjoy the rest of the year. Until Christmas, when a distinct lack of calm will descend that will last until 2020…


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