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9th July 2018 14:28 GMT permalink to post 102

BREXIT - a concise, clear and unambiguous truth

It is clear that a cynical (fake news, dare I say) version of history has been created by the mass media and the remoaning desparati. Here is a simple reminder:

The question was deliberately simple by design. The European Union, although an administrative nightmare and self-serving money pit, is easily defined. It is all of those institutions that it governs or that it has set up to manage our affairs. It is not some politicaly vaguely defined entity at its heart, selectively makeing use of all those other institutions. Remaining members must belong to the customs union etc. Therefore, to belong to them is to be a member.

Now let's play fantasy referendums. Had this been the question,

what do you think would have been the result? Surely, much greater than 52% to leave, which is therefore all the more stunning as an outcome. The creation of the idea that the original question was not about leaving the entire experiment is the very worst criminaly deceptive obfuscation of the modern political era. It is, obviously, absurd and the fakery we have had to endure since has had an effect on the political movers and shakers that beggars belief. The Tory party is in turmoil simply because they forgot the question David Cameron dared to ask, which now suits the wealthy power mongers who have no interest in the effect on the people their puppets represent.

Are they really willing to expose these nations of ours to at least 5 years of the Corbyn smorgasbord of disunity to gain power in the long run? He is the conductor of a symphony of collective hate and minority grumblings that will hammer the final nail into this nation's cheap Ikea coffin. It is time for Theresa May to display a pair!

15th January 2018 13:38 GMT permalink to post 101

For consignment to oblivion because who gives a shit.

Because I'm in this parish anyway, tending to the borders, I feel a need to share that I believe president Trump does not need defending by the likes of me. When I make a statement as a challenge to vacuous criticism aimed at him, it is not because I like him or because I support all of his policies or because I don't recognise his failings; it is because he is the elected president of the United States and is still supported by the people who put him there. It's a democracy for feck's sake. The constitution determines how often you get to change the outcome!

Criticaly though, outside the USA, we are only seeing one side of the story and many of us are mourning the departure of his well-groomed, very slick, more statesman like predecessor. Obama's presidency was, of course, no less an offence to a substantial proportion of that electorate, around the same number as now find Trump to be an offence to their senses. This is the ugly side of politics, memories are very short and people are staggeringly fickle. What about Clinton and her genuine crimes?

The left thought they had a permanent victory in the election of Obama and are still seething. They are, each and every individual, sore loosers of the worst sort. All of us, including the people they care about are at risk, as a consequence, of their extremist reactions. They would clearly rather democracy was dead than lose a fight. The psychology of groupthink is powerful and very easy to manipulate. Watch the like of Blair picking off the pieces like a vulture at a lion kill, a skilled and massively talented picker of easy fights. Corbyn is doomed from without and within but a rudderless lefty-liberal cancer has no known cure.


11th January 2018 14:33 GMT permalink to post 100

Arbitrary milestones, change for change's sake and other clichés

An ammended post from the stuck-in-a-deceptively-old-fashioned branch of the Department of 'Modern' Design is a Passing Fad.

Our reader will have noticed that the Ingrates have been fiddling with the belly of the beast. We've changed the look and feel because a change is as good as a rest or its better than doing something useful with your time.

We consider ourselves to be trendsetters trapped in a time-space anomally that ensures the trends we set are always before their time somewhere and sometime. What looks good to us now is sure to have looked good to somebody else at least once or will in the future. Thus it is with all fashions and our general dress sense as our friends will surely testify. Fear not, we expect to change things again just before this place becomes a beacon of style in the netosphere. We have started with the home page and hopefully haven't done too much damage to the rest of the site before we extend the design to the full obscurity of the rest. We have attempted to maintain the principal aim of meeting the requirements of the responsive design movement. Try it on your phone!

Addendum: menu now devolved to something that was always OK anyway.


5th January 2018 14:48 GMT permalink to post 99

What is fact?

From the Department of Thank-God-It's-Friday-Even-Though-It's-Been-A-Short-Week; there is no longer any (much) doubt in my ever shrinking mind that, in the new post-truth reality of fake news and counter fake news, that fact is hard to come by.

Lending weight to a story or a bit of gossip, rumour or some light-weight scientific research, words like fact and its similies seem to be enough to satisfy the news hungry masses these days. Hence the success of heavy-duty committed blogging, click bait, spamming and other online scams.

Truth is, not much of it is Fact in any kind of objective or scientifically verifiable sense. When it is not a downright lie or deception, it is likely to be not much more than an opinion or wishfull thinking. The job of scouring the web for a cross section of opinion on any matter of interest to anyone at any level has become a taking-ones-life-in-ones-hands uber-perilous gauntlet jog through an endless stinking mire.

The more money there is at the source of any information, the more likely it is to be a tissue of invention.There is no obvious evidence that this whine sheet or any of its preferred sources are an exception. Happy New Year, by the way.


4th January 2018 10:40 GMT permalink to post 98

the truth will out as the world turns over a new leaf

The Ingrate's only prediction for 2018.

Global warming is over because, although some of it might have been man made, pollution controls stopped it by the end of the 20th century. The overiding natural solar cycles are leading us into a long cold period in any case.


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