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6th August 2020 10.01GMT permalink to post 124

What part of this seems false to you?

Is this medical professional just lucky?

Dr Dr Stella Immanuel from Houston is angry. So am I. We already know that modern mathematical model driven science, methodology, and politically driven funding calls a great deal of what we read about science into question. The rate at which this video is be hunted down and cancelled, tells you a great deal about the power of corrupt science and politics. Follow the money. Remember another medical scandal that allowed thousands to suffer and die, only for their potential saviour to be awarded a nobel prize years later when the patents ran out. Barry Marshall was hounded and ridiculed for years.

rage illustration


6th July 2020 09.50GMT permalink to post 123

We must restore democracy in the UK

S/he who shouts the loudest gets the herd.

It started to get worse when Tony Bliar pushed the e-petition concept, which was reinforced by David Conman's coalition tweaks in the next government. 100,000 signatures might get an issue debated in parliament. That lead to a lot of media coverage of 'popular' issues and it led to a lot of fraud. No proper checks were/are being done on the origins of the signatories or the uniqueness of them. Often the petition is nothing more than a feable attempt to change a decision that has already been made in a referendum or at an election.

This is not representative democracy and they have now moved on and bypassed the e-petition. Now, they control the media and we have a parliament that asks 'how high' when the media says 'jump'. We, the gormless masses just sit back and watch passively, accepting of this 'new-normal', newly devoid of all critical faculties apparently.

So, my fellow ingrates, what to do? I've had an idea and here's how it will work:

  • Prior to the next General Election, Political parties or independent prospective parliamentary candidates will publish their manifestos.
  • We will study them, carefully. We will seek advice and information when we find things we don't understand.
  • In our constintuencies, we will vote for one of them (even if we don't like any of them).
  • The votes will be counted.
  • The results will be published in time-honoured fashion.
  • A government will be formed by the largest elected group that can form one, on its own or in coalition.
  • They will spend 5 years fucking it up.
  • We will watch and judge, since 5 years should be enough time, one way or the other.
  • Repeat.

So, 'Common Purpose', 'Antifa', 'BLM', 'Greenpeace', 'Greta Thunberg', 'Me-too', 'Extinction Rebellion' and all other shouty bullying cowards, get elected. Once you are elected you can finally genuinely claim to be representing us and you might even be able to change things. If we don't vote for you, we either don't believe you or we don't care. It's our perogative in a fucking DEMOCRACY!

In the meantime .gov.UK, start governing and stop these unrepresentative bullies disrupting our lives with immediate effect, including exposing the main stream media deception. Start with the BBC, they no longer make any attempt to cover up their bias on all issues. And, stop these organisations raising money as charities and make them publish fully all sources of funding.

Alternativley, we the masses may decide to 'deal' with it and we are NOT 'right-wing hooligans and thugs', just the tired dis-enfranchised electorate. Some of us have got as much time on our hands now as their foot-soldiers have.

riot silhouette


11th June 2020 08.45 GMT permalink to post 122

Yep! The Antichrist has risen!

Be afraid, the left has made its move.

Seizing the moment with no sense of irony, bad taste or any real attempt to mask its intentions, IT has risen like the antiChrist IT is.

It smells blood and weakness like the ruthless predator it is and like a virus it evolves and spreads, breeds and infects, destroys and kills. It is not too late for strong democratically elected legislatures to take back control. The Trump administration's redefining of ANTIFA as a terrorist organisation was a start. US allies must do the same, quickly. I have no doubt that behind the scenes security forces are frantically spreading their meagre resources in that direction but they need political clarity and help.

The few freedoms we enjoy and need if we are to continue to prosper (beyond COVID-19) must be protected. The essence of our democratic processes are being undermined by an arrogant left-controlled media and our government's current response, newly elected with a large majority, is nothing more than a 1930's capitulation, appeasement and silence. We don't only need a strong BREXIT policy, we need a strong Democracy policy. Rioting, desecrating and vandalising our streets and monuments is anti-democratic. Allowing the current issues de-jour to hijack the political process during an emergency, under media pressure, is weak government.

In the UK, as in the whole of the rest of the world, without exception, we suffer from culturally ingrained predjudice and discrimination. But, not on the basis of skin colour, nationality, creed, religion or any other physical specicifity. All our predjucices are directed at nothing more than any convenient perceived, group enabled recognisable difference, with no logical consistency or measurable and definable naming possible. We are, across the world, bigots by human nature.

The manipulated and exploited rioters, dancing to the ANTIFA tune, are mostly young and predjudiced towards the old, the pale skined, the 'wealthy', the intellligent or possessed of any other diagnostically identifying feature that they can direct their discrimination against. Anger is easily stirred wherever there is fear.

Jumping up and down, like an ape, on a virtually indestructable bronze statue does not make you a people's hero and it demonstrates an infinite capacity for humanity to undermine its own progress and well-being through nothing but unmitigated prejudice and stupidity. Destroying historical symbols or burning books or, what next, lynching, gassing, hacking to death people of the wrong age, background or opinion is how all ethnic-cleansing and fascist movements begin.

A human's freedom to possess a bigoted nature and to express it should only be matched by your freedom to debate them openly and peacefully, and by our government's relentless protection from the kind of tyranny that would prevent either.

A black or brown man's experience of bigotory is just as real as a white man's when he lives in the wrong area, has the wrong accent or language or hair colour and subsequently is turned down at interviews and discriminated against in endless subtle ways by folk of every shade. We will not change any of this by further division. The notion of BAMEness is, of itself, division incarnate, as is any form of merit denying positive discrimination. We already have all the equality laws we need and too many others that stiffle freedom of speech and debate. We need laws to prevent bias everywhere, especially in the media and we need laws, now, to control the funding of pseudo-political movements like ANTIFA, Common Purpose, Greenpeace and similar 'Green' movements. Their memberships' control over unelected government funded bodies and media groups is a terrifying unchallenged fact and is most definitely wholly undemocratic.

All Life Matters and taking hisorical realities out of context does not save any lives now and in the future. Being real about the nature of the human condition and talking about it in free democratically organised fora would be a wiser place to start.

Of all the things a Conservative Party should be concered about, it must be this. It is time to show strong leadership and to stand up to these progress hating lunatics Boris. Don't allow this ugly alliance of the ignorant and the minority manipulators to destroy 1000 years of development and progress, to the eternall detriment of their own children for pity's sake. Because, BORIS, if you don't stop them, we will.

riot silhouette


6th February 2020 09.14 GMT permalink to post 121

It's a class war!

We are all being duped and used.

It has just dawned on me what is going on. Bear with, I have ranted often enough about the car and progress hating left and the LGBTQ/BAME obsessed, old, white man hating intelligensia. They seem to be funded and otherwise motivated by sinister sources with no obvious goal. In a lighbulb moment it ocurrs to me that they are social engineering. Why else would the rich support the left?

We need to be re-engineered back into our proper places. We have benefitted enormousley from the golden age of retail that has now ended but did boost the power of the super-rich. They allowed us, aided by generous credit facilities, to have our cars, holidays, overpriced homes and endless choice giving us a false sense of security. We have forgotten our place; we are working class no matter the trappings we suround ourselves with. They are our masters and our freedoms are a threat to their dominance.

Our freedom to move and travel is being restricted. Soon, only the rich will be able to afford unlimited energy, especailly the energy that will be required to power private transport. Only the rich will be able to afford the vehicles that use the energy. Only the rich will be able to afford to live where the views are not blighted by their sustainable energy sources. It was the rich, and those delusional enough to imagine that they belong in the same class, who needed this nation to remain trapped in the undemocratic political dead-end that is the EU. All the drivers for this desired outcome are based there.

They are going to freeze the elderly and poor to death by denying them cheap energy. They will increase restrictions on medicine and other medical procedures to ensure we stop living too long and they have already withdrawn research on alternative antibiotics. They will allow rogue nations to introduce engineered disease to control poulation growth. They will control migration trigger events and pull economic plugs when it suits them. They will send their lackeys to DAVOS and work with the all necessary political, religious, terrorist and gangster scum to undernine our safety and wellbeing. Fear is their weapon of choice.

They have turned us all against each other while they restructure our childrens' futures. The working classes will once again serve their masters. This is not a right versus left or socialist versus capatalist war. They exist outside those choices and realities and don't care about the outcomes. They can start wars and win; they can destroy habitats and cause ecological disaster and win; they can deny all our freedoms and win. They control the media, universities and governments and they will control the internet and they already control us.

Brexit was not part of their plan and they are rapidly trying to regroup. At the moment they are focussed on the Climate Emergency, which is their creation and is the next major battle. For your own sakes, brothers and sisters, left or right, resit, deny and fight on this front before it's too late. We also need to watch our backs. AI is their future weapon of choice. Watch this space.

girl android


15th January 2020 08.20 GMT permalink to post 120

It is, and it always has been, about the physics!

Ron Clutz,writing on his Science Matters blog, summarises.

In the name of God, would you people just listen! Yes you, Thunberg and you, XR (all of you) and all you 'consensus' wielding planet saving heroes, and most especially you, the main-stream media. That does include you, BBC. You cannot keep wriggling out from under the science. A nuclear detonation has blasted this CO2 obsessed non-theory into oblivion.

Wakey, wakey. The game is over, your number is up and the fat lady has sung herself hoarse. CO2 is irrelevant and it is time to start the real science. Make the discoveries we need to make for the right reasons and start repairing the damage you have done to habitats, eco-systems, environments and economies in the pursuit of this false god. Find another god to worship for pity's sake. History is riddled with their bones.

The 'Why Climate Changes' website explains in detail.

And before you start ranting, this is not 'fake news', this is physics. It's the hard subject, not even 'Climate Scientists' dare risk studying, which is why they are so wrong, so very wrong. Surely 2020 can be the year the penny finally drops.

nuclear blast


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